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    Exclamation [HIGH PRIORITY] The bug of the mining machine and the displacement of models of game objects

    Game Version:

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit

    Simple Description: The mining machine discards the resources that have been withdrawn for extraction and extracts resources which are not on the list. There is also a bug with a shift of the models (textures). If I write about them separately, then you will not open the save file!

    Detailed Description and Reproducibility:

    I apologize for my English as I used machine translation.

    The most important thing that I wanted to write in this thread is to describe a bug with the cancellation of mining resources for a mining machine. But I'm (not) lucky to catch another bug that I do not even know how to describe. Best of all, this bug can be described as "the physical model of the object is below its graphic model". Since this bug is more strange and incomprehensible, I'll start with it.

    In general, I built a mining base with a foundation placed on supports (many cubic armor blocks 4x4xN). Having discovered a bug with a mining machine, I saved the game under the base (the height of the base allows it to be quietly there in full growth), where I could initially safely get to. When I tried to load the save, I was immediately killed!
    Attention! If you try to download this save in the game and you will be killed, get back in the last available stasis camera!
    Now I can not go under the foundation, because I was blocked off the way by the displaced game objects. This happens periodically.

    Now go to the bug of mining machines.

    The essence of the bug lies in the fact that the resources canceled for extraction are often canceled, and if you leave the base for some long distance (I flew more than 2 km), the inventory of the mining machine (which I can not fill by myself - it's forbidden) is filled in resources that are not on the extraction list. For example, in the inventory of a machine that extracts 50% of uranium and 50% of gold, other metals such as iron, carbon, cobalt, zeonite and so on may unexpectedly appear.


    I do not know the true reason for this bug to appear. But most often, in my opinion, this bug is manifested when the character is removed from the mining machine for a long distance or when recounting the resources extracted by the mining machine.

    I attached below the image with my base, on which I signed, which machine does what resource it extracts. But here some (or all) mining machines along with the physical model have shifted also the model of interaction. It will be necessary to look, where the button for opening the inventory of the mining machine will be available. And to those four mining machines that are under the base, I do not know how to get close now.


    Here is the archive with the save, log, system info files and the screenshots in full resolution:
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