I must say that I was disappointed in Craneballs' decision to rollback to 9.0.4!

The new Unity solved the most severe bugs I was experiencing in two worlds that I had spent 500+ hours developing. I had stopped playing in those two worlds because of bugs that had essentially broken those worlds.

I was excited when the new Unity fixed those problems and I was able to continue playing in those worlds. The new Unity also felt more reliable and solid and although I didn't have time to confirm it, seemed to also solve some of the smaller bugs I was experiencing in all my worlds.

I understand that some players experienced a significant bug with invisible inventories/menus, but other than that I didn't see many reports of bugs introduced by the new Unity. I had no problems with such bugs and I'm confident that the majority of players didn't either.

Craneballs' decision to rollback to the old Unity, along with the statement that they might "stick with an old version of Unity forever" feels like an over-reaction.

Certainly I don't know how much effort was put into resolving the invisible inventories/menus problem over the weekend, but it seems to be that if they could have fixed the significant problems with the old Unity, they would have done so already. Surely fixing the invisible inventories/menus in the new Unity would be less effort than trying to fix the apparently unfixable problems in the old Unity?

At a minimum, perhaps they could open up a Steam Beta branch with the new Unity build for those of us who don't have the invisible inventories/menus problem?

At any rate, I sincerely hope that Craneballs doesn't abandon the new Unity... if they make the decision to stick with the old Unity forever then Planet Nomads has limited continued playability for me.