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    Inventory management suggestions.

    These are my fresh impressions from first playthrough for a while.

    I am missing a way to single click transfer a stack, it should be possible with a modifier key like shift / ctrl / alt which are already used for 100x /10x /split stack on drag and drop transfers.

    IMHO if you are using a modifier key you should not need to drag and drop, just clicking once should make it happen. I know it sounds lazy but double clicking and drag and drop is too much like hard work when you have to do it repetitively ! It will play better and make a better impression if its more ergonomically refined. The example which springs to mind is factorio which has a bunch of conventions for loading and unloading turrets and cargo inventory to and from crates.

    So for example transferring 100 stack would be shift + LMB single click. (Currenty you can double click the stack or drag and drop the stack without using +shift so the +shift modifier is completely superfluous.)

    Likewise transferring 10 would be ctrl+LMB single click (or 50 alt+LMB).

    I would also like to see, when you drag and drop a stack with LMB, using ctrl+RMB drop 10x stacks under the cursor holding the stack or alt+RMB drop half the stack.

    It could also do with a way to move all stacks of the same type such as shift+RMB and another one is a button to move all contents of container, for which you can thank Empyrion as they have an arrow which does this on the UI for any container, its very quick and easy to use.

    Continuing the theme of ergonomics, F should get you out of inventory and build as it is the entry and exit key for containers and the context doesnt matter if you are just trying to exit. You can already switch between Inventory and Build which is good.
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