Tutorial comments because you wanted some feedback

The vehicle in the workshop cannot be steered and it meanders from side to side. Makes you wonder if you are doing something wrong. Suggest configuring steering after making the cockpit, as part of the tute. Currently it wont allow this.

Text box after filling the two deuterium generators is scaled too small for the amount of text in it, consequently the text is way too small to read and timewise it vanished before you can even try to read it anyway, can it be very important ? IDK but it still should be readable...

The decompression explosion deserves a siren to go with the red emergency lighting. You could fade the siren to signify air is being lost and is thinning. The cargo pod deserves a door closing/opening animation imho since it is your sleep tank for the early part of the game. (Also would be nice if some discovered pods could be functional planetside and also use this animation.)

On landing the cargo box just beside the crater is not in keeping with the emergency escape narrative and these supplies should be within the escape pod itself.

The tute and escape adds a nice dimension to the landing though and sets the scene so it deserves to be made welcoming to new players.

Hope that helps.