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Thread: Suggestions for the game

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    Suggestions for the game

    Online problem between players:

    It is recommended to open the online mode. I can play with my friends. One person is too lonely. .It can be the official server sword online, or the player can create a server. Similar to the current "ASTRONEER", its online mode is that the player opens his own game archive. After entering the game, the steam friend can click "Join the game" to enter his archive to play together, very convenient. .

    Construction model problem:

    It is recommended to design an airship fixing tool. There is no fixed way for a small airship like me to park on a large airship. After the big airship starts flying, the small airship will be shaken. Helpless can only use a water pipe as a fence, but seriously affects the appearance.


    Add some handy items, such as upper and lower hatches that require electric drive.
    Fix the uselessness of the current floating air cushion to make it work.
    The current floating air cushion has no effect at all, and the car can't use it because the floating air cushion is too big to get stuck in the terrain, only the airship needs. However, the current airship directly ignores the role of the floating air cushion after installing the floating power fan.
    The suspension power fan can still work in the water, and the airship can be turned over to reverse it. What makes me depressed is that the airship is turned over and there is no way to turn it over again.


    It should be set to stop the work after the suspended fan sinks into the water, so that the floating air cushion will make the airship float on the sea instead of being as useless as it is now.

    Add some types of pipe interfaces

    Add some other bulk modules of large volume, such as triangles. The triangle can make the airship look more streamlined in some parts. Unfortunately, I can only use small squares and small triangles together, which makes it impossible to put fences in these places.

    The kinetic energy of the tires on the land is too low, and some steep slopes cannot climb up.

    The operation of "terminal" is not user-friendly, the interface layout is also cumbersome and not concise, and it can't be operated in the cab, and the switch lights have to get off, which is annoying.

    When it comes to the lights, the light from the vehicle is too short, and it needs to be close enough for the lights to reach the ground. However, close to the ground, I can see the ground with moonlight (I don't know what the planet is), and the lights of the vehicle become non-essential? And the lighting is also very concentrated, only to see a small piece of ground in front is illuminated, meaning little.

    It is recommended to cancel the suspension jack to force the setting on the ground so that I can use it on the airship

    Finally, it is suggested to design a device that enables the tire to be linked side by side.

    Game exploration map problem:

    Increase the type of monster and adjust the difficulty to moderate. There are two or three monsters now, and the attack can't be avoided, unless I start the jetpack and fly into the air. And the monster throws stones at me, even if I have already evaded success, the system still determines that I was hit by a stone, which makes me annoyed.

    You can set some BOSS level monsters, increase the difficulty and increase the rewards, such as getting rare materials. If I can play with friends online, I think it will be quite exciting. If you can increase the type of weapon, now there is only one pulse to rifle, too weak, what about the idea a laser cannon on the airship? Hahahaha
    The sea can be designed to be deeper in the sea, so deep that you can't see the bottom of the sea. If sea monsters are more interesting, deep sea phobia is the most terrible. This is the fear gene left by human ancestors.

    In short, set more interesting gameplay and new things. The map is large now, but it is basically the same, except for a ridiculous ground or a ridiculous ground. The landmarks explored on the map, apart from some incomplete buildings, have a log, nothing else, and the same.

    Finally, there are some small suggestions. For example, after removing the building, please set the material inside the building to not be automatically recycled into the backpack.The characters in the game stand upstairs, and the monsters with the wall blocks downstairs are designed to not detect and attack the gamers. Because they are blocked by the walls, they can't see us. Why do they actively attack us?
    The jet pack on the back of the game character, the character of the game will fall from the sky after using the exhausted gas energy.
    However, during the fall of the sky, the energy of the backpack has recovered, but I can not use the jetpack again. Please fix this bug.
    The whole screen is completely blurred when I come up from the water. Please optimize this fuzzy effect.
    My graphics card is 1070, I just opened the ordinary special effects, did not open the highest game effects, but as the game time goes on, sometimes the number of game frames will become very low, the minimum number of frames is even only 12 frames, look forward to new The game engine can solve this problem.

    Finally, I wish Planet Nomads is getting better and better. .
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    Some interesting observations, many of them I have thought about myself and tend to agree with. Just a few notes:

    - Planet Nomads will be single player only, there is no multiplayer or networking option to be added. This was a decision made directly after the Kickstarter campaign finished, since the stretch goal for multiplayer was not met.

    - The floating block can be a challenge to use at times. But it behaves just like you would expect in real world applications. If you put a huge platform on top of a balloon of air, it will flip over as soon as the center of balance shifts. To compensate, put some of the weight of your structure lower, not just building up on top, or spread out the floating blocks to provide stability and roll prevention. Many players have created floating bases, from small to huge, so the floating blocks are not useless, they just require some extra thought in how to effectively use them. And the fans need to work in the water - they are a great mode of propulsion for a water craft.

    - There is a 6-way conveyor connector that can easily meet the needs of the corner connections you provided pictures for. I use them for that situation quite a lot, very glad they put in such a flexible block, as I was missing the 3 way corner as well. It might be nice visually to have actual conveyor pipe corners like you had pictured eventually, though.

    - Lighting is definitely a weird issue at times, hopefully the move to the new Unity engine will bring some better point light options to the developers. I actually had a suggestion in a long while back for being able to change the modes on the vehicle lights: flood (wide light, little distance penetration), standard (similar to now), spot (focused beam, narrow light but long penetration). Maybe we'll be getting some improvements eventually.

    - More monsters and bosses... That one will be tough, this game is not another survival shooter, and the devs have clearly stated that combat is not a key focus for the game. Enhancing the wildlife and doing some general adding & tweaking to the behavior AI and weaponry of the character would be good (even with basics like sentry guns to protect your base), but it won't be an arms race, I don't think.

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    While initially there plans for multiplayer, these were nixed in order to get something released, as multiplayer would have created an additional 6-month delay. However, this does not exclude the possibility that, in some future, post release update multiplayer could not be added, much like No Mans Sky will be adding it next week, some year+ after release. I canít say this is something Craneballs will do, but it is possible.

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    I am working in creative mode on a flying base and would like to see a type of hydraulic piston. I considered some type of retractable landing gear, but stable sliding hydraulic pistons were necessary. Perhaps there could be 2 or 3 different lengths?

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    Am I the only one who thinks that 2x2x1 sloped blocks are needed?

    This image should illustrate better what I mean:
    PN - Missing Sloped Blocks.jpg

    We would also need lighter plating options as currently the only speed/power/weight efficient option is to build all vehicle frames with almost entirely with batteries and solar panels unless the hull is nothing but a few beams where machinery, generators and propulsion blocks are attached.

    A 3x3x3 version of the interior cockpit would also be nice to have for those occasions where the spine of the vehicle is only one block wide and I don't wish to use two chairs to maintain the symmetry.

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    I had a similar problem in my base since last year. But it was in case of ramps which are 4x4x2 with an inclination of 1/4.
    So beside the 2x2x1 block, also a 4x4x1 could help

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