Hello, i just a new user from the game i have some 25hrs in game.
But i note some inperfections in the game, i just modding mi own game in my pc.

So i have this performance:
Best Performance Withouh LOSING textures and graphins.
I just increment the Stamina, system and the Suit power.
I think. The system in the first lvls or hours of game is a little *****

So i doe this because i play another indi game with the same roles.. space, eng, survival..
And the game is perfect but in my personal view the max speed, and other changes in my game.
Are better now, maybe other is only for me but, in first p, i feel how the player speed is very slot..

Yeah in this momment is not a script or trainer.

I working with the game files direct.
So i ask if i have problem if share this like a mod.
Because i change somes texture.
I change code.
I change Physi