Hiya guys.

I haven't been playing Planet nomads for a couple of months now and decided to pick up a new game and play survival on hard.
I must say that i'm rather disappointed with the result.

I do notice that building is a lot easier now, so I'm glad that's fixed and that it is harder to find tech 2 equipment from the salvage place.
But finding food and the threat level that's surrounding me is still laughable at best.

I've also played the game the long dark a couple of times and I must admit that concerning survival games, this game is the best.
I also notice that now that I play Planet Nomads again, I feel none of these threats that I had in the long dark
As a matter of fact, Planet Nomad feels like doing groceries and cleaning the house compared to The long dark, even on difficulty hard.
I know I can adjust the difficulty setting with a custom game, but I'm lazy and I have trust in the developer that if they can set up a hard difficulty level, it will in deed be very hard.

So how do I compare the Long dark with Planet Nomads.

First off, the scarcity of everything.
The problem with The long dark is that you need to build or find everything with very simple equipment.
Planet Nomads can get you very easily the basics you need to survive and you're done for life.

So it might be an idea to put wear and tear on everything you have, like your equipment, and vehicles, buildings.
This way there is a maintenance issue you have with everything you posses, which increases the survival feeling of the game.

Then there is the amount of resources that drop, that makes it very easy to build a lot of things real fast.
I would suggest to lower the amount of harvest-able plants so players really feel like dropping an beacon to highlight it as important.
To compensate, increase the amount of nests, which have a lot more resources, but make it more dangerous in the world.

Concerning the rocks, I would suggest one material per rock instead of two.
There are already lots of places to find minerals if someone knows where to look, so it could be made a lot more complicated, so the player really starts looking.

I hope these suggestions help