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Thread: Build line, surface or block of items

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    Build line, surface or block of items

    I don't believe I will be the first to point that out, but we should be able to build a line, surface, or block of items.

    In that construction mode, you would click on a spot to be the first block in a line, and when clicking on another spot, it would link it to the first one by creating a line of identical - and linked - blocks.

    Line building would be very useful for walls and conveyors, for example. If you have the resources, you can finally create the walls of a room in just 4 rather simple operations.

    In surface building, the idea is the same, but the final spot is not located on one of the three axis of the first block, but still in the same X, Y, or Z plane defined by two of them. The easiest way to make that mode work would probably be to highlight a line first, then extend it along one axis or the other.

    Perfect example of this mode : floors. Just click on three of its corners and voilą.

    Finally, a surface could be further extended in the axis normal to it to create a volume (by normal, I mean Z if the surface occupies axes X & Y), but apart from stacking up blocks, I can't think of a case in which it would be that useful, and it's arguably harder to code.

    The visual aid for this building mode should highlight the first and last blocks in a certain colour, and all blocks in between in the normal yellow. For surfaces and volumes, since you have a block (or two) in between, it should be highlighted in a different colour to easily know from where the surface (or volume) will be extruded.

    Even line building alone would speed up things by quite a bit. It surely would have saved me a couple of hours when I built my kilometre-long conveyor yesterday! Besides, a surface is just a juxtaposition of lines of blocks, so line only would already be a massively good step.
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