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Thread: Hover thrust is REALLY starting to grind my gears

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    Hover thrust is REALLY starting to grind my gears

    It's a great thing when you are building something big, but PLEASE give us the option to trurn off the 'kill thrust when you brush a block' feature.

    I can see why it is there ,as when you land...and don;t have issues....but it really is no great bind to just press 'U' again to land.

    What is a bind is when you have a complex structure to build that is off the deck, and you need to hover around to add blocks in the right place. When every damn time you touch another block with your feet the jetpack is REALLY pissing me right off as I plummet to the floor yet again.

    Make it a menu option 'turn on/off' and set it on for default, as it must help newer players, and those who never have an issue.....but I would dearly love to turn it off sometimes.

    Just my thoughts

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    I noticed that too. When I want to land is convenient but is also landing me when I just pixel hunt. And then one annoying behavior just adds to the other.

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