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Thread: a third axle

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    a third axle

    I tried adding a third axle but vehicle won't drive with it. I added extra power and removed to troubleshoot but just can't get her moving. I can see the front wheels move an inch but it won't go any further.
    Has anyone had success adding more axles and can give me tip of what I'm missing or does it not recognize extra axles yet?

    Thank you

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    People made vehicles with many wheels.
    Without screenshots is hard to guess where your problem is.
    Be sure you build the vehicle suspended into the air.
    Check the tutorials with F1 ... F5

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    I've got vehicles with 6 wheels, 8 wheels, 12 wheels, etc. Typically as long as you have supplied enough power, and have specified their direction of spin, they work. So, there may just be something weird in your setup.

    How did you add the third set of wheels? I made the mistake of adding wheels while the vehicle was sitting in an orientation (on a slight hill) that let me slap a few underneath, and then I suddenly couldn't drive anywhere - turns out, adding those wheels in that manner had "grounded" my vehicle, like it was a building. Since then, I've always built and modified my vehicles using a hover jack, and haven't really had an issue.

    If it's not a grounding issue, there is another thing that could be happening, and it's been a persistent bug lately... Occasionally power connected items will be randomly disconnected for no apparent reason. Use the "C" menu and disconnect all of your wheels one at a time, then access your switchboard and reconnect all of the wheels. I would recommend then saving and loading the save again, then checking to be sure that the wiring actually stayed connected. If you have any wheels that are not powered up, they will act like the parking brake is on (there is no neutral mode for wheels at this time, unfortunately), so that could explain why your vehicle seemed to move just slightly but couldn't keep moving. You can also put the vehicle up on a hover jack, hop into the vehicle and put yourself in 3rd person view, and use your driving controls to make sure all wheels are spinning & steering correctly while it's up in the air. That can be handy for troubleshooting.

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    Multipede vehicles do work. I've made vehicles with 6 and 8 wheels. I've made vehicles with as many as twelve wheels (though the front most and rearmost pairs were lifted higher than the three pairs in the middle, to make ascending hills and such easier).

    Vrmithrax mentioned "grounding" issues already.

    Another simple possibility is that you have wheels trying to move in opposite directions. So, from front to back, maybe it's: <-- // --> // <--

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    One thing I have noticed on this subject is that even though there looks to be enough 'clearance' between wheels, this isn't the case do to the colliders. IIRC in game it looks as though a 2 block gap between suspension/wheels is enough to allow them to work, but there's a little 'forward/back' play in the wheels which can gum up the works, so I always leave a 3 block gap.

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