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Thread: I can't hold it in any longer!

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    I can't hold it in any longer!

    Slightly low tone yet realism based suggestion here.

    We need to drink and eat in this game to survive. This means that our body consumes (usually) purified water plus one or more of the various food items in the game.

    Where does the waste go?

    If I consume purified water, shouldn't I generate dirty water a few hours later?
    If I eat dried fruit for example, shouldn't I produce biomass within 24 hours?

    If we keep cramming stuff into our bodies, it has to go somewhere. Bodily functions have existed in nature since before the dawning of intelligent life and I don't think they will just go away in the next hundred years or so.

    In the same way, shouldn't the creatures on the planet also succumb to this? If the godillos are there to eat the cebul in order to prevent them from eating all the plants, shouldn't we find piles of fresh, steaming biomass lying around their territories either to mark the perimeter or simply because that place was convenient?

    Main reasons for this post are:
    - Compliance with basic biology
    - Compliance with the nitrogen cycle
    - Compliance with the carbon cycle
    - Compliance with the water cycle
    - Compliance with the concept of self contained systems that would be needed for long distance space flight
    - Alternative source of biomass other than cutting down trees
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    NMS got some part of it right, imagine: you get close to a godillo, give carbon, you get silver poo.

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