So you've mapped the planet, built bases everywhere, scavenged alien wrecks and even teleported yourself to every monolith you've found, now what?

Well, here's a suggestion:

After having used your first Monolith to teleport yourself, we should get a new journal entry containing some Scientific Data. This data, once all collected over the course of multiple teleportations should then unlock for us a couple of new blocks to build:

1. Teleport Pad - This is a destination pad where something can be teleported.

2. Teleport Device - This device, powered by the same power cells we use to fuel the monoliths, can be attached to any single, non-grounded, non-joined grid, and will enable the device to teleport that grid to its corresponding teleport pad.

What sorts of uses would this have?

Attach it to a vehicle, power it, build a Pad and activate it to teleport that vehicle from where ever you left it to the Pad. Big help for folks who monolith themselves somewhere and don't want to/can't build another vehicle out in the field.

Attach it to an ungrounded large container, left at a mining site and recall it to your base. With clever use of Conveyor Connectors, it will connect itself when it arrives and if linked to a connecting Pad at the mining site, reconnect itself when returned.

Yep, lots of challenging programming, but I think it would be completely worth it. And yes, a likely long-term project, possibly something for version 9.2 :-)