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Thread: Improved mini map

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    Improved mini map

    Allow selecting of a POI on map and have it highlighted on the mini map (heads up display) and make it irrespective of how far away it is.

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    Here is a basic guide on setting solar beacons, which are great for marking your stuff, from base to vehicles.

    I do wish they would increase it from A to G, and add numbers.
    also, I wish we could get Mini-beacons, that would just show a small color dot on the map.

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    I get by just fine with Solar Beacons A-G. I use "A" for vehicles, "B" for bases, "C" fuel refineries, "D" for dig sites, "E", "F" and "G" for anything else of particular interest.
    And with the ability to edit the names, I put useful notes in them, since these show in the main map list.

    "A" - Hunter Mobile Base
    "B" - Overlook Base
    "C" - Deuterium Refinery
    "D" - Dig Site: Fe 50, Si 20, C 40 (50% Iron, 20% Silicon, 40% Carbon)
    "E" - Cow Nest Cluster
    "F" - Fruit Plant Cluster
    "G" - Hole in the Map

    Just a few examples. I'm not opposed, just.. how I do things.

    Good Travels, Nomads!

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    There was a discussion about maps and waypoints a while back, couldn't find it on a quick search (may have been over in the Steam forum)...

    I agree with @poodle666 about point selection - that should essentially be a waypoint, and it should stick on your compass nav no matter how far away it is - you are basically putting in a GPS destination.

    And I'm also one that would like to see more variety in the map & compass nav markers. We already see unique marker types for signals, alien ships, monuments, etc. So why not give us a few to choose from, like a little "house" icon, flag, rock, things like that. Maybe a little one that you could assign to vehicles (like a simple jet or car icon). And to add a layer for organization, let us set the color of the marker like we do on beacons. Sometimes simple little things can add a lot of useful complexity for players.

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