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Thread: suggested changes

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    suggested changes

    I've been playing survival games for yours. With this game I suggest the following improvements.
    1./ When flying in any direction it always looks like you are approaching a hill. The convex horizon is TOO convex and needs to be flattened.
    2. Stable flyer designs oscillate too much but if U want to retain this then the rotor speed should not oscillate as well.
    3. The day night cycle. Nights should be much shorter than days. When flying long missions, the long night graphics are boring.
    4. Battery duration is not long enough, and solar panel ramp up power with daylight is too slow
    5. Of course , looking forward to enhanced ship design options, thrusters, space flight , other planets etc

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    Hello Oakly

    1. creating a larger world will flatten the horizon.
    3. you can adjust day/night cycle custom.
    4. you may just need more batteries and/or solar panels.

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    +1 to the horizon.

    The day night cycle of an alien planet should depend on the astronomical bodies of the system: the number of stars (Suns), satellites (Moons), other planets, other bodies. I would like to see variety in the world random generator. I hate seeing only one Moon, this should be different to Earth!

    Real solar panels generate small amounts of electricity, right? Anyway, I would wait for other new blocks before trying to balance that.

    I want to mine new ores in space to continue my way to higher tier products!

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