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Thread: 0.8.13 Bugfix Release Notes

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    0.8.13 Bugfix Release Notes

    A copy of what was posted on Steam...

    Hello Nomads,

    These days we are busy preparing the new tutorial and story quests, so only small changes and bugfixes are part of this release.

    Here is the complete list:
    - maximum stack size was increased to 100
    - ghost block is less transparent for better visibility
    - double clicking on usable item in inventory transfers it into the hotbar (or into a container if one is opened)
    - resolved issue with conveyor connectors not connecting in some circumstances
    - fixed sudden object movement after sleeping
    - keeping jetpack hover mode enabled after exiting cockpit
    - blocked use and radial menu in cockpit
    - fixed misssing build vision icons on some active blocks (greenhouse, compact medbay, radar)
    - fixed minor UI bugs (text alignment, non-updated texts, digging gizmo)

    - - - Updated - - -

    If one of the admins would like to start a thread in the News & Announcements sub forum, i'd be happy to update that with the updates from Steam.....

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    We are adding change logs to this thread after every update.

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