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Thread: [Bug] large ship sinks when unloaded,

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    [Bug] large ship sinks when unloaded,

    When traveling back to my ship, I see it sunken and at about 90m it pops-up out of the water.
    It could have something to do with it being in shallow waters, or itís vertical large air blades.

    It is like the floating blocks lose their buoyancy instead of being locked into place, when unloaded.
    And when the buoyancy returns, it is not a smooth surfacing, it is bounce! bounce! Bounce!

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    I've had one occurrence where I flew off and left my carrier base in shallow water, did some long range scouting, and when I came back my base had sunk. I loaded a save and tried the same thing again, multiple times, even trying to accurately duplicate my original flight path and actions, just to see if I could get it to repeat the sinking, but every time I came back it was floating happily where I left it.

    Now, interestingly enough, I did notice one weird thing as I was flying back towards the carrier on my 3rd try to get it to sink again - just at the edge of render visibility, I swear I saw my carrier dropping from a short distance onto the water as I approached. It made me wonder if there could have been a glitch in the render/calculation process order when the carrier sunk the first time, and the water was rendered after the carrier had been dropped into place by the game engine.

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    Nice finding Viking!
    I might try to reproduce it, using the hints from Vrmithrax.
    But I am not sure if I will try though.

    What we know is:
    • The flying vehicles drop when we load a save or when we go away 100m and return.

    Loading and saving repeatedly makes a floating vehicle to drop gradually to the ground.
    This is a cheaty way to bring down a vehicle, if left up in the air at poles, where the jetpack is not strong enough.
    If we go away more than 100m from the vehicle, and if it is frozen in air by the recent change it will also drop. Sometime that fix is not freezing the vehicle and in such a case the vehicle is never unloaded, even if the chunk is more than 2000m away.

    • We know that the floating vehicles and the airblade hovering vehicles are similar.
    • We know that structures are loaded sometime with the collider in a different position.

    What I would test is:
    What happens if the vehicle is above water?
    Will it drop for a short time under the surface?
    Will it come back?
    If the collider is loaded below the water, would it trigger this behavior? We still have to figure out when the collider is moved, why and in what direction.

    This bug reminds me of other one, about air blades:

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