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Thread: Back After a Long Time - My Experience

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    Back After a Long Time - My Experience

    Hey All! Its been more than 6 months since i have played Planet Nomads, i thought id see how things were evolving and play which resulted in a good 20 hrs of exploring survival and creative modes in detail.
    Now i thought i'd get down to writing some important feedback, so here goes.

    Firstly - Fantastic Improvement! The game is already very playable in Survival mode and i think you have already created an immersive experiance.
    Im have every confidence in you.

    Forum Comunity & Expectations:
    Im seeing a lot of mixed comments on the forum, and a lot of negative statements which are neither here or there. I think it's important to allign expectations with the roadmap and ensure that your users know what is in the works and more importantly WHEN some improvement or functionality is to be released.
    I guess its just a question of managing peoples expectations in a clear way, maybe just better comunicating the functionality roadmap with expected dates is a good point of referance for anyone having a current issue to know that it is being addressed and when there would be a change addressing their issue.
    An example of this is comments i have seen on the build system, I have used both, the old and the new, to be honest, both have their good points and bad points, and its easy for me to get used to either so maybe just put it to a vote?

    Survival Mode Vs Creative mode:
    Im disapointed with creative mode, besides seemingly more buggy than Survival, you cant open containers or work with inventory, ores etc... i think that giving poeple the choice of what they want to do in creative is important, i went in to see how i could opytimise my inventory system through conveyors, but with no inventory....
    A noted bug is building a flying veichel in creative there was a limit how far off the ground i could get it which was not the case in Survival.
    Also when building, right clicking takes the whole object away. It does not go to the base frame before removing the object. So one wrong click and your entire build splits and you need to start again.

    Survival Mode - Flying Speed:
    Seems the max speed is of about 50, with a planet this large i think we need Jets :-)
    Moving around can get boaring.

    Survival Mode - Building of Flying veichles:
    I find balancing weights really hard, and often my veichle is more stable upside down...

    Survival Mode - Environment:
    Love the work here, the bioms are different and varied, maybe more of this is needed.
    I do feel that some things are really hard to get right, so driving around is easy since now as compared to the earlier versions it is a lot less drastic when it comes to hills and mountains.
    But this has a down side, the sea is usually very shallow and sometimes large areas can be featureless. I was actually wondering if it may be worth spending time on developing a standard world as an option rather than just rely on random seed.
    Also the water is disapointing, it doesnt move when you fly over it or flow into rivers or waterfalls. Its just a featureless layer and this shows.
    I feel we need some small elements that make the landscape come alive, like flying insects, birds and fish every now and again. These dont have to be selectable just ambiance.

    Survival Mode - Animals:
    I like the animals, but i dont like that they have such fixed 'nests', they should roam a lot more.
    I also think we should see flying animals or migrating herds. It would also be nice to see some giants walking around, like elephants, giraphs or a giant gorilla or dinosaur (if you like that kinna thing).

    Survival mode - Defence:
    I worked really hard to finally build the gun. This needs to happen much earlier in the game, we need basic and advance weapons. After all the effort to finally build the weapon i was super disappointed at how completely useless it was.
    I think we should also be able to mount guns or turrets on basis and veichles. To be honest the easiest way to kill something that is trying to kill you, is throw the gun away, get in your car and run it over.

    Survivl mode - Story:
    Interesting so far, but is notyhing special. A bit of conspiracy, a bit of she said this and he did that, but ultimately i think this needs to be directly linked or complementary to, goals and objectives in the game.

    Survival mode - Map:
    I like the map, but there needs to be a way to disable markers. So you get a distress signal, you investigate, find the pad thingy, decontruct whatever stuff you find and carry on your way, but the marker remains there, so with time you have no idea what you explored and what you havent.

    Survival mode - mining:
    Love it, but underground is a lot of the same, do you plan to have underground caverns or lava rivers and stuff like that?
    Also i hate it that at water level, you find water. I dont think you should be able to dig and find water anywhere.
    Also i love the look of the orgasmium ;-)

    Survival Mode - Difficuilty and sleeping:
    I played on normal mode. Once you have a steady supply of high quality food and water, one thing i realised is you never need to sleep. Somehow drinking water and eating just keeps you awake with no need to sleep for days.
    The only reason i use the pod and sleep was not to wait for a build queue.

    Survalal Mode - Building and phsics:
    Keep it up. The WINCH! If only i noticed it before! Love it!

    Keep it up guys!

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    Yep, that gun...

    I mean, at least it's there and it IS more efficient than even a grade IV multi-tool, but it needs a LOT of love and attention, and a bigger magazine.

    I'm still pretty new around here, but I've been embracing and enjoying the heck of this crazy game. Looking forward to whatever comes next (as long as it's not new bugs! ;-) ).

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    Even just giving us upgrades to the gun would make it so much more useful, and probably help quiet some of the noisy complainers over on Steam that seem to be fixated on combat.

    Let us learn new gun recipes for (or make it a wearable module that changes the behavior of the gun to):
    - Shotgun (lower damage at distance w/ cone spread area of effect, heavy damage up close)
    - Slug (heavy damage w/ knockback/stun, low accuracy at distance)
    - Sniper (heavy damage at distance, high ammo usage, slow reload, ideally with a scope)
    - Stunner (tazer effect on target, stuns and immobilizes for X seconds, slow to reload)
    - Full Auto (steady blaze of bullets w/ lower accuracy, lower ammo usage per shot, similar individual bullet damage to standard rifle)

    Really wish I could have found an "S" description for the last one, I had a theme going there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vrmithrax View Post
    Even just giving us upgrades to the gun would make it so much more useful, and probably help quiet some of the noisy complainers over on Steam that seem to be fixated on combat.
    Most of those will not be silenced until they stand atop a mount of corpses of the newly spawned, proclaiming their greatness to no one who cares.

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    Haha so true! But at least a simple rifle upgrade might distract them for a few minutes so everyone can concentrate on features and issues that are really important!

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    Flying Speed:
    With the proper design you can get up-to 72, and maybe a little more.
    My guess top speed will not be increased until after the next round of major optimization, we don’t want to be traveling faster than our PC can generate the terrain.

    Building of Flying vehicles:
    Build vision shows center of mass, it makes balancing weights a lot easier.

    Roaming animals are in the plans, but I think they first want to add blocks taking damage and some other stuff.

    more guns are in the works, but they are not trying to turn PN into a shooting game, so it has to be thought out to fit with a feel on the game.
    it seems multi-tool turrets will be more likely and fitting for the PN play style.


    I think you have some more stories to discover, and there is more in the works.

    you can dismantle markers, via Right-click.


    they had caves, but they were causing too many problems. maybe after they can update “Unity” they will look into caves again.

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