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Thread: Nomad Confessions: Who Else Tried It?

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    Nomad Confessions: Who Else Tried It?

    Odds are you've noticed that you can use your multi-tool to disassemble pretty much anything - space ship wreckage and Escape Pods, even your own Escape Pod, and their give up some pretty decent materials, especially right at the start.

    I imagine after that you probably did some roaming and discovered an Alien Wreck. Who else turned their multi-tool on the wreckage to see what goodies disassembling it would provide?


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    I quickly found you can dismantle your escape pod, and pull it right down to just a frame....and it still shows on the map/compass as a reference point. Just leave that last scrap and it saves you dropping a beacon.

    And yes.....I tried salvaging the alien stuff.

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