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Thread: Hey, wait, you can manipulate switchboards from inside a vehicle cockpit!

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    Hey, wait, you can manipulate switchboards from inside a vehicle cockpit!

    Hey guys,

    So if you've ever been in a cockpit, looked at something like a headlight and seen the "Press E" prompt to turn it off and on and actually tried that, you've seen that the E key actually kicks you out of the cockpit instead. Last night, I was turning something in the distance off by pressing the C key to bring up the context menu and select the On/Off option on the top slot (shortcut: the 1 key) because you can do this from way farther away than the E key, and suddenly thought "Hey, I wonder if the C key works inside the cockpit?" Turns out it does!

    This may only work in third person view, and you can only manipulate things you can get your mouse pointer to from inside the cockpit (so not switchboards you've mounted on the side of the cockpit itself, for example), but if you have objects that you can control from the C key menu that you can see from your cockpit, you can turn them on and off and do other stuff from there. Other examples: turning lights on and off, turning unneeded wheels/hoverpads/airblades off (somewhat risky in motion, use switchboards to control several at once to keep in control), turning generators off during the day or back on at night to save fuel when using solar, activating garage door switch on the side of your building from your vehicle, etc... I'm just starting to think about other ideas, like switchboards for controls on more complicated vehicles.

    This will be less interesting when we get controls moved to the hotkey bar from inside the cockpit, but until then...

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    thats handy to know.... something else to try

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    This is a great finding! Now it is possible to make a space traveling vehicle and control the direction without leaving the cockpit...
    Somebody has to visit the moon again

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    The devs have also said we'd likely have a control console type of capability from within the cockpit. But until that day comes (if ever it does), this sounds like it could provide a really cool workaround - place a control console within view and see if we can engage it from the cockpit, and we may have complete control over the entire grid.

    Now I gotta go home and try this! Heh

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