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Thread: Why 90? - Suggestion: Increase stacks to 100

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    Why 90? - Suggestion: Increase stacks to 100

    When building, especially in large quantities, we can Shift+Left-Click the double arrow to jump out build amounts up to 100, but our item stacks are limited to 90. Is there any specific reason for this? Can they be increased to 100 for the sake of simplicity and sanity? LOL

    It does make me a little crazy, especially when building large, expansive, complex constructs in Survival to be capped at 90.

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    I mentioned this a while ago.

    I don't mind the stack size being 90, just make the shift+left click 90 instead of 100
    I don't mind the sift-lift-click being 100, just change the stack size to 100

    it just seems odd they are different.....

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    Yup that was mentioned a couple of times before... I will try to convince others to do it soon

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