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Thread: (HIGH) Air Blades no longer playable

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    (HIGH) Air Blades no longer playable

    Game Version:

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit

    Simple Description:
    Air Blades no longer playable

    Detailed Description: multiple problems

    (1) Blades no longer go backwards or forwards, solution delete all blades and recreate
    (2) Auto balance does not appear to be working.
    A perfectly balanced craft will not takeoff straight up and down. It will roll and/or pitch.
    Moving the craft forwards will cause craft to pitch forwards or backwards until it crashes
    Solution: add blocks to various corners.

    The issues seems to be related to one (or more) blades having a delayed startup and/or not producing as much lift as the others. The issues appear to be (slightly) reduced if blades set to hover mode.

    Reproducibility: Every time

    How to Reproduce:
    Build a hovercraft

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    Post Thanks / Like fixed hover blades for a lot of players... but we know that they are far from perfect. If you have save with "broken" aircraft please send it to me. Thanks !

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