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Thread: A Year Has Passed and ....

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    A Year Has Passed and ....

    People complained about it, suggested fixes, asked to revert back to old system, yet you insist to keep this broken, annoying snapping system.

    Not only that, your building system has not improved, it has only gotten worse. I still can't tell what block the game is showing to be placed. Why couldn't you keep the old system that showed the "actual" block with 75% opacity? I can't tell from the outline. I feel Craneballs is moonwalking this project.

    Well 5 days ago it was your anniversary and not a single thing has changed since. If a year has gone by and you have done not one thing to change it, why should I or any other player wait for it any longer? There is no guarantee that you will do anything in the future either. (concerning the building)

    You personally told me that you were going to revisit the building system. It's been a year!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, Happy Anniversary!!!! Everything is still the same.

    Your snapping and building system sucks!

    Ugh Craneballs! I really wanted to say good things. This game was very dear to me. I can't say that anymore.

    Have you noticed that all your best builders and people that spent a lot of time making things in the game are no longer playing it?

    I can see that you just don't care about your fanbase. What will it be your company's name after PN. Just a shame.


    Look at the differences.
    Ship crashing, UI, voiced warnings, projectile weapons, hostile creatures spotting you from a distance, space debris falling, actual ship crashed, visor warnings, multiple tools box, visor sign of wear, character animations, eery feel of the night, multiple tools, more intricate textures and component frames, building animations,vehicle HUD data, alien artifacts (gave a sense of story behind it), terrain visual minerals, caves, environment dangers, better looking and randomized textures, game events, possible surviors (NPC).

    And you say this game will be released 2018? -_-
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    No chance.

    2019, or they cut everything and release with no game in the game.
    Like Space Engineers.

    I'd rather have a delay, and an actual interesting game.

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    Hello Junkasaurus,

    I share your disappointment with the speed of development of the game, we also thought that it will be faster and easier. But from your words it might look that we did nothing during last year, and I think this is not fair.

    If you look on our patch notes, you'll find dozens of releases during last year, and surely you'll find also big improvements on the building system. Yes, we've made a big mistake by focusing on new content while letting the cornerstones unpolished. But sometimes you need to have some content to see the issues.

    We still want to improve the building system, just please don't ask to use the old one. This is a no-go.

    In the old system, when you pointed with a bigger block on some surface, there were always just one position on the new block that you've pointed with. For instance lower-right corner. When you wanted to glue upper-left corner to that place, and there wasn't anything at the lower-right corner to point at, you have no option how to build it. There was an idea to use keyboard to move the block on the grid to find the position you want to snap it, but we see it impractical.

    The only fundamental difference between the current and the old building system is that we've fixed the distance to the ghost block. It means, that you need to move forward/backwards to force the block to snap at a desired place. It's not very convenient and I hate it too, but at least it is possible to build a block anyhow you want to. And this is the basic property we want the building system to have.

    I can promise that once we'll found a convenient way how to have non-fixed building distance and still have full creative freedom, it will be the on the top of the list of things to implement.

    This is the first time I see a complaint about ghost block transparency. I personally have no trouble seeing the orientation of the block, but everyone has different eyes and monitor. I think that big transparency was just an artistic decision and there is no reason to clearly see through ghost block, so I've changed it from 50% to 80%, so it will be better visible. It's not 75% and that keeps you the possibility to continue saying that we never do anything exactly as you want it ;).

    Speaking about the trailer, it wasn't real gameplay footage and it served us just as an concept and illustration of we had in mind at the time. We were forced to change our minds many times since making the trailer. It's a long chain of compromises. Sometimes we still take an inspiration what to do from the trailer. We probably will have to change our vision of the game many times in the future. For example, I thought yesterday, that we do not extremely need to change the building system..

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    I've only recently come to Planet Nomads - I missed the Kickstarter because I never pay any attention to these things or have any idea how people even find out about them, but that's OK... coming in where I have, I have to say I am very pleased with what I'm seeing so far, and am glad to be spared the disappointment of having that One Favorite Thing changed on me. I rather like the building system as it is, though there are times where it can be a little awkward, but given that we're working with virtual blocks in an 3-d environment, what we have works surprisingly well. For me, I say "Keep up the great work."

    Planet Nomads has the potential to be one of the best games of its type, and I hope to see it live up to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinsustek View Post
    The only fundamental difference between the current and the old building system is that we've fixed the distance to the ghost block. It means, that you need to move forward/backwards to force the block to snap at a desired place. It's not very convenient and I hate it too,....
    I hate it too. Please continue looking for a solution.
    Only if you build a lot, more and more intricate contraptions, will you really feel the pain.

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    While I can't comment on the old/new build system, I did see a video of a previous build that I noticed something different in their gameplay... When they changed to Build Vision, there was a cool screen (visor) effect that played. Not sure where that went, or why it was removed, but I'd definitely like to see that again, personally :P

    On the note of build system... is it possible to have BOTH present in the game, but have them toggled via a keypress? I'm thinking of something that is evident of this, such as Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock, all of which have a keyboard indicator of being enabled.

    Out of those, Num Lock is impractical because some people may play using the Numpad for directional movement; thus, making them use that key would totally screw up their keybinds.
    Scroll Lock, while I don't anticipate it causing any issues in PN, I suppose could impact menu scrolling, so if that's the case it'd be eliminated.
    That leaves Caps Lock as not only the most convenient in terms of placement, but also in terms of function, given there's nothing in PN that would make it an annoying thing to turn on/off. There's no chat, nor are you labeling too many things all that often for it to end up having to be turned on/off frequently enough to be bothersome.

    I do love building games where you have complete freedom of movement when placing parts, or at least an after-the-fact "nudge" feature. Take for example "SimplePlanes" which also uses the Unity Engine. You can place parts, select them by click (which highlights the item), then Shift+WASD for X/Y (U/D, L/R) movement, and then Shift+QE for Z axis (Fwd/Back). This allows you to make some magnificent looking creations using the limited set of parts. Though, in addition to that, some parts have a Scale and 'Skew' option to make them longer, shorter, fatter, wider, pitch, etc. Then if you grab a tiny mod called FineTuner, it adds an additional in-game menu to scale any part in the game, as well as gives you X/Y/Z rotation (different from pitch control, as that does things like make a Rectangle into a Parallelogram) .

    If PN had a way to give us Nudge and Rotation, then... *whistles* the sky is... well it's still the limit due to the barrier lol But you see where I'm going with that... :P

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    With KickStarters soon being able to design wrecks for us all, I’m thinking it would great if some of their wrecks could include new blocks for regular players to discover and add to our block section.

    Junkasaurus could design a wreck with a chair/controls only cockpit.
    Azirahael design a wreck with large hover pads.
    and so on………

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