I am aware that there are rumblings of new and exciting weather coming soon but what about fire? It occurs naturally on Earth, why not here?

Drier biomes would be more susceptible to large scale fires but given thunder storms, volcanic activity, natural gas build ups and the like it shouldn't be so unlikely to encounter naturally in most biomes even without carrying a box of matches with us.

Heavy rain would be able to extinguish large fires but mild rain might only slow their speed instead of putting them out.

Fire would produce large quantities of carbon and biomass. It could inspire fresh plant growth on the extra fertile soil, other less common creatures such as the worm creature, that is in the wiki but not in the game yet, who come to eat the charred plants, fresh sprouts or the bodies of the creatures who didn't survive the fire.

Fire could be used to scare creatures, much like we use it now. A flaming mass on the end of a stick or poll can easily be used to keep all kinds of predators away on Earth as the animals are scared of fire. Logically we should be able to do the same here or go one smarter and create a holographic image of fire which serves to keep the creatures away without any risk of burning ourselves.

Large fires could cause so much smoke that the sun becomes obscured and freak weather occurs.

We could use fire as an alternative to the FAD machines to cure meat and cook vegetables. Sometimes you just can't find the silicon when you need it!

Just a few random ideas that let us interact with the world more and vice versa.