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Thread: Change the behavior of objects in construction mode

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    Post Change the behavior of objects in construction mode

    In construction mode, when installing the drawings, make the hinge movement frozen (very difficult to create while the object is rotating all the time)
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    While we're on the topic of hinges, I would really like to see an option 'lock to neighboring hinges', because frequently what I want is a hinged 1x4 array (or 1x40, sometimes), all connecting one long edge to another.

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    Gotcha covered:

    A few different previously suggested ways to make that happen. I'm hoping for being able to set specific angles and lock the hinge & rotor, but I still think that just leaving it solid static until it is plated to finish would be super helpful and eliminate the swinging issues when constructing. Or maybe a C menu where you can enable or disable the rotation effect to cause a lock.

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