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Thread: [MED PRIORITY] Aircraft unable to descend

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    [MED PRIORITY] Aircraft unable to descend

    Game Version:

    Windows 10
    Simple Description:
    Flying vehicle unable to decrease altitude

    Detailed Description:
    Built vehicle with two "levels" of large fan. Could gain altitude normally; unable to decrease altitude until one "level" of large fans was removed. Powering or unpowering the additional fans had no effect.

    Every time

    How to Reproduce:
    Build flying vehicle with multiple levels of large fans. Also, see URL below to download related Save file (you will have to re-build the upper set of fans; the placement points are well-marked).

    Any additional information:
    This appears to be caused by having Large Fans directly over one another, in close vertical proximity.

    Log file: n/a

    DXdiag: n/a

    Save File Locartion:

    Save File Download Directions:
    Download "save_4.db" and "_main.db" from URL above

    Discussion: I discovered this completely incidentally; I was testing some variations, and possible improvements, to some brilliant work by BCP Labs (specifically, transportable, drop-off-able cargo containers for remote mining sites .... and the "SkyHook" flying-forklift vehicle needed to move them about.

    I had decided to go with a few Large Airfan units instead of masses of Small Airfans, but wanted to be absolutely sure I had enough lift capacity for the vehicle, AND the not-inconsiderable-weight cargo module. So, after laying out one level of large fans, three to each side ... I built a second set of arms, three or four blocks above the first, and placed six additional large fans (again, three to each side), directly over the first set.

    Everything seemed fine - if annoyingly prone to "bobbing" a bit when ascending, and of course, slow to turn. But then, after lining myself up for a grab-and-haul-away test, the vehicle did not respond to my attempt to descend. I would press [CONTROL], and nothing would happen. Exiting the vehicle, I turned on Hover, and .... [CONTROL] worked, I was able to descend when flying on my jetpack.

    I turned off one level of fans, no change.

    I DELETED one level of fans, and ..... VOILA, my ability to descend was restored.

    I then set about creating an FTP page, and uploading the necessary files for the developers to check this for themselves.

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    Many times reported bug.. Will be fixed soon

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