Game Version:

OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit

Simple Description: Multiple winches result in massive vibration and can cause objects to levitate even when disconnected

Detailed Description: This was discovered while attempting to invent an elevator. Four winches placed evenly at each corner did not produce even lift and instead of stopping at minimum distance the carried object violently vibrated until one snapped. Adding suspension and wheels to the carried object (effectively turning it into a carried inverted vehicle) reduced the vibration (with harder suspension reducing it more) and prevented snapping, but did not stop the vibration. With hard suspension, the vibration was low-magnitude but still very high frequency, and had the odd side effect of causing the player to move extremely slowly while in contact. Cutting power did not result in the carriage falling back down, but instead levitating in place. The save was made with the carriage levitated. It is not stuck in rock as far as I can see, and burning away more rock around it did not result in it falling again.

Reproducibility: Every time

How to Reproduce: Load save. Fly entirely around levitating floor. Reattach winches. Activate power. Observe violent vibration.

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Followup: I can get that crazy vibration even with a single winch, though I wasn't able to replicate levitation that way.