Precondition: The vehicle is hovering at a certain altitude. The avatar should be outside, hovering near it.
  1. Save the game
  2. Load the game : the vehicle is loaded at a correct altitude and falls a bit down until it reaches equilibrium.
  3. Save the game again
  4. Load the latest save : the vehicle is loaded at the altitude where the equilibrium was achieved last time and falls a bit further down until it reaches a new equilibrium level.

With such a trick a player which makes the mistake to go down onto the surface in cold areas, he can bring the vehicle down by saving and loading.
Maybe this is not such a bad example because the player can find the exact spot below the aircraft and hover up, having endless energy in hover mode under any block. Luckily I was not aware of these two tricks and I had to build a ramp to enter my vehicle.

However, the save is supposed to restore the exact state of the game as before, to prevent delicate contraptions to break.
If I make a fleet of hover crafts, each placed carefully to show the text "HELL0 Craneballs" and I send you the save, who knows what you will read...