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Thread: [Very high priority]No more build vision

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    [Very high priority]No more build vision

    Hiya guys.

    I was very happy to see that there was another update towards
    I want to get used to the new build vision, but unfortunately, hotbar is not changing along.
    The build vision hotbar worked about 2 or three times I think, but right now, I have none

    Also another observation I would love to share is that the performance is really nice right now.
    So probably if this is fixed, I get to test some more with my hauler and hangar

    Edit: I just did a clean install of planet nomads, meaning I also deleted the Craneballs folder in local low.
    My build vision still doesn't show me my build hotbar.

    Okay, I just figured out how to use the build vison again and it's rather confusing.
    Can't blame Craneballs for warning me.

    So the hotbar changes by choosing inventory or build vision.
    And by turning on build vision, we can filter if we want to see all the intel or not.

    Indeed getting used too, sorry for being so shouty about it.
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    I think that's a feature They changed how build vision works. A lot... Check out the changelog:

    I don't have the time just now to try myself, but I hope this helps.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, you figured it out already... I had this page open for a while and haven't refreshed before commenting
    I made screenshots: \o/

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