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Thread: [HIGH PRIORITY] Can't Sleep

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    [HIGH PRIORITY] Can't Sleep

    Game Version:
    OS: Windows 8.1
    Simple Description: Lost ability to use space bar to sleep in stasis pod
    Detailed Description:
    I appear to have a save where I have physically lost the ability to sleep. I have a stasis pod on a vehicle, and it worked previously, but now, although I sometimes get a 'press space bar' prompt, pressing space does nothing. Disconnecting and reconnecting power has no effect. Leaving it unpowered has no effect. Reloading has no effect. Technically I can sit in the powered pod and regain energy slowly while I do something else, so I'm not completely locked out of the game, but it's not really pleasant.

    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce: Load save. Enter stasis pod. Ponder insomnia.

    Save can be found at:

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    I had the same problem. Just rebuild the stasis pod. That worked for me...

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    Hmmm... we did some changes so it can heal you from radiation but i didn't expect this side effects. As NoMeredin already find out... please rebuild them to fix it

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