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Thread: Just reatched the trailer, and some questions appeared

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    Just reatched the trailer, and some questions appeared

    Hey guys i rewatched the original trailer and i have some questions/remarks

    -Is the dust thing in the helmet still a thing? It looks amazing
    -'bout nutriment solution and adrenaline shot, will they be craftable to be used automatically added
    -Holy shit it looks graphically amazing. Was it pre-rendred?

    Cheers guys !

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    Hey there, sorry for the late reply, was on a vacation last week.

    So, one after other

    - dunno yet, but it is doable
    - yes!
    - yes (craftable)
    - Some of it pre-rendered, but all in-the engine. Funny thing is we believe we've outgrown that version already, especially with the environment, and also lighting and effects are being added, so in the end, it will look even better.

    Cheers to you!
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