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Thread: [Medium Priority] Game starts to lag after 15 minutes of gameplay

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    [Medium Priority] Game starts to lag after 15 minutes of gameplay

    Hijya guys.

    Very happy to hear that you guys fixed the collision thingy where my base ate my vehicles and crashed the game.
    I'm going to test it very soon after I finished my mobile base with places for all 4 of my vehicles, so that should prove to work or fail.

    However currently I'm experiencing a lot of lag when I switch between build vision and normal vision.
    This happens to me after about 30 minutes of playing and building.
    This lag cannot be resolved by switching off build vision, however returning to the main menu returns miracles

    You can watch me build my mothership if you want, however about 1 minute before the end, you notice the game becomes unplayable.
    Other things I noticed during the video was that the center of weight for my hauler was connected to the little base the jack was connected too.
    Only after removing the jack, the centre of weight corrected itself.

    What I also noticed was that the lag was worst when I was looking at that massive floor of batteries in build vision.
    It tries to keep all the timers and solar panels up to date, which i can assume is a massive calculation.
    It looks like the process for the timers takes some time to shut down when switching from build vision to normal vision, which can be accelerated by shutting down the GUI (main menu) and then return to the game again.

    I hope it helps solve some performance issues.
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