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Thread: Flying Mobile Mining Rigs

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    Flying Mobile Mining Rigs

    I had a brainstorm and decided to build it. This was built in creative. I used world seed Fahrenheit 451 and that allowed me to get tons of resources through Mining Rigs. There are two hills right near where you start. I built my base across them, and put mining rigs in the hills. One at base that is producing 50% Iron/50% carbon. Built a vehicle that allowed me to drive and set up mines for rare materials, and then a flyer to get to gold/uranium mines.

    This flys, and when landing turn off the switch for the blades, and turn the switches on for the mining rigs.

    The images are not uploading for me. I will try a different browser and edit this post. Essentially it is 4 large air blades around a frame of batteries and deuterium reactor. It uses 4 mining rigs as landing gear.

    Here is a link to the screenshots -
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    Yup...built a few of these, and they do work.

    One bit of advice though.....scraqpe the surface back with the multi-tool to reveal the 'ore' texture and you get better results

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    Yep, air mining crafts work very well , what I liked most is that I dont have to move ores by hand, I moved just the final products.
    While I was attempting to build one, I started whith I think 2 large containers, but they filled pretty fast (while sleeping in pod ofc ) so this is my last version. It can hold enough material to allow you build almost anything you want. At least I made in this miner around 10k+ of Frames and Plates each from one mining trip ;)
    + ofc horizontal air blade for higher speed

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    My screenshots from PN.

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