Biomass should be basically 1:1 -- meat is just edible biomass, after all.

Carbon maybe 1:2 or 1:4, "Yeah, start by making that steak well done. Now keep going. A bit further, yeah. No, don't stop at Cajun style. Just blacken it down to a charcoal briquette that I can put in a real barbecue to cook better quality meat on."

Edit: I'm also now having sick fantasies about a vegan engineer.

"What do you mean you're vegan? I saw you carrying carcasses back to your base! I've seen you go out of your way to run over deer!"

"Yeah, I put them in the compost to grow vegetables. It's more sustainable."

(That said, there's something really wrong when the respawn rate of animals is so much higher than the respawn rate of plants that hunting is the only viable way to nondestructively gather biomass.)