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Thread: [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Conveyor link/connection problems

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    [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Conveyor link/connection problems

    Game Version:
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

    Simple Description:
    Conveyor connects and snaps to proper location, but apparently only visual connection is made.

    Detailed Description:
    Faulty logical connection between machines/points. Container cannot see connected conveyor line. removing a block shows "dead" links (see album hyperling below) - removing segments causes line to become phsyical object

    First time is happening to me. Only recently expanded my base (5km+ away)

    How to Reproduce: -Using the save file-
    Machines used:
    1 Water pump
    2 Auto Miner
    Initial setup please click here for IMGUR album

    1. Remove all conveyor pipes and machines
    2. Build a conveyor line to desired locations (see initial setup)
    3. Attach Machines to conveyor line
    4. Only Water Pump inventory is visible
    5. Removing conveyor segments will cause world placement connection to fail and huge segment of conveyor line (with attached machines) becomes physical objects
    6. trying to replace "faulty" blocks do noting. re-building the entire line in any order does nothing. Best result i could get was 1 water pump and 1 auto miner to be recognised by the large container. No logical connection.

    From this moment, its a never ending circle of trying to fix connections, but it breaks (even if it shows visual connection - it is correctly snapped to their proper location,no wobbly behavior

    I am wondering if the 4x or 8x segments causing it?

    Any additional information:

    Base location: Desert Oasis
    Base was far away (might affect object/active blockloading?)
    I am using a conveyor wall as well, but problem persists even without it
    Might be an issue with the 4x and 8x conveyors? Total conveyor line length is around 50+

    Log file: Not applicable
    DXdiag: Not applicable

    Save file attached.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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