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Thread: Piles of Dirt.

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    Piles of Dirt.

    So, we have to problems that when combined would resulve themselves.

    Piles of Dirt left from mining, and accidental potholed landscapes around peoples basses.

    What if we used the Dirt to fill in, or build up the land. Just a reverse of the gathering system. Left mouse button adds a little, right mouse button adds a lot.

    We would actually have a use for the Dirt that we get, and could fill in or build up land as we needed.

    All we would need is a toggle from gather to fill.

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    There are some threads in the alpha discution/feedback section where you could add your opinion. Also you may find some answers too. One of them is called "we need a shovel" an the other is about a "drill block".
    The threads are still fresh I guess.

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    TL;DR version: there are game engine limitations which make really difficult to implement such feature.
    I made screenshots: \o/

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