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Thread: VERY annoying hoverpad bug ....

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    VERY annoying hoverpad bug ....

    Happened 3 times on the bounce now, and it's really making the game unpleasant to play.

    I have a hover craft running on 12 hoverpads. The craft works fine most of the time, on land and sea. I have had to rebuild it 3 times after the same thing happened:

    After the craft working fine for a while, I will head off land over water, and have one side of the craft just sink. The hoverpads on one side of hte craft work OK...but hte other side just act like they are off...even though they are lit and active and were fine on the land. The craft then 'falls' over and gets stuck upside side. It will roll around like crazy spinning in circles dragging on it's side like a bird with a broken wing.

    I then salvaged the components....rebuilt it...only to have to happen again half an hour later.

    majorly frustrating

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    Hover pads push you in their's up direction. So when you flip your vehicle under water, it pushes you to the ground. Is this what you wanted to say?

    I think we need to change pad behavior, to push you always in the up direction, but I think it will ruin other people's rotating inventions based on this phenomena. I'll try to find out some logic that will reverse the effective direction of pad if it is pushing to the ground instead of up.

    But this will probably does not help you to turn your vehicle back, once it's flipped. Generally it's a good idea to construct you vehicle so it has center of mass below the pads. I have tried to build two small vehicles today, one with pads below the center of mass and one with above. The difference in stability was more than sensible. We will release an update with center of mass indicator this week, I think it will help a lot with building flyers.

    Smaller devices are easier to flip. In your case (12 pads), I think it is not a small device. So we will probably need to invent some kind of stability maintenance block. If it is such an issue.

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    yeah like a inertia device,

    it could be configered (in/out) and has to be linked with another inertia device and will transfer the weight of the block on which it is atteched to the linked device atteched block.
    so you could at least move the weight from the geneartor to the suspention axis. but you still need to build with sense.

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