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Thread: Rain and New Suit Models for MK2-4 suggection

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    Rain and New Suit Models for MK2-4 suggection

    Instead of cold rain hurting you, how about it being dirty and reducing vision.

    Imagine if it was gray of brown and on top of current rain effect we have a similar effect on your face shield to that of leaving water/being hurt but in gray or brown droplets.
    And to reduce the effect you can upgrade to MK2 suit that has a visor
    The MK 4 suit could have an advance face shield and visor to reduces rain effect to nearly nothing.

    I think that would add a level of encouragement to new players to upgrade their suit, and would be more immersive and realistic.

    P.S. I would also enjoy headlamp upgrades with suit upgrades.
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    I like where you're going with those tidbits. Dirt and rain, wear and tear, different suit parts. Cool
    The equipment in the game is often overlooked I think, where as I've gone the way of the warrior and worker.

    Getting these upgrades (M-Tool, Jet/Backpack, Suit, Weapon) is always a #1 priority for myself with any new game now.
    I learned early on (even though I'm fairly new to PN) that these are very essential tools to strive for and it is well worth it to make all of them a main goal in your survival routines.

    I typically go for Multi-tool first, obviously... then the jetpack, the suit, and the weapon last.
    The weapon's not really needed, but it is fun to mow down a buncha cows and fill the FAD with steaks.
    Plus it always comes in handy when I mess up my covert ops Godilla infiltrations and have to BLAST my way out.

    Getting to MK4 levels may take awhile but it sure does help.
    Besides, its fun fly around and recon/gather resources and totally gratifying to finally manufacture the stuff.
    Its quit the rush to finally, after all your long resource gathering and back and forth and do this, get that,
    build, build, build... you finally get to hold your new rifle. POW! POW!
    ... or jet-pack launch away, even higher and farther then ever. FWOOOSH!

    Its just fun.
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