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Thread: Disparition de structure et véhicule

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    Unhappy Disparition de structure et véhicule

    je me promené dans la carte et quand je reviens mes véhicule se retrouve souvent en miette...

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    Hi Mathieu and welcome to the forum!

    This forum is English-only, sorry for that.

    As I've understood from the Google Translator, your vehicle disintegrated after you've returned form big distance. This is probably caused by low precision of game engine. I'll elaborate on it more, because we've touched it also in another threads. You can skip next 3 paragraphs.

    The thing is that we cannot store whole the world in scene at the same time. So, when you go away, we save block's position and delete the object form scene. On your return we load it back on stored position. Problem is that positions are stored in 32-bit floating numbers, and this does give us only millimeter precision on the surface of planet with 10000 radius.

    It may look like enough precision, but sometimes you store a blok at 10000.001 position and it gets returned at 10000.0009765625. This mean that it may overlap with another block and following collision processing in physics engine could cause an unwanted butterfly effect due to error accumulation in time.

    What we'll try to do next is to store saved objects' positions with 64bit precision which should minimize the errors caused by saving/loading or moving to distant places and back.

    But I am not sure if this is your case, because this error could make whole vehicles to move a little bit, get stuck in each other, or shake during physics imperfection. It rarely causes disintegration. Could you post screenshots or describe, how exactly your vehicle looked like before and after? If it's just broken joints or some blocks totally missing? Did you notice some sudden FPS drop when you came back? Could you please send us a log file from the game when this happens? There might be an useful information about loading errors if some happened.

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