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Thread: Nomadic Journals #1 - VLOG on new biomes, animals and digging

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    Nomadic Journals #1 - VLOG on new biomes, animals and digging

    Weíre happy to announce the first episode of Nomadic Journals. We will be posting a new episode of this vlog every month. In the videos our team will cover and show major features we implemented into our sandbox game, talk about what is happening here at Craneballs and what is planned for the following month. Nomadic Journals mirrors the features we put on Trello

    This episode features Tomas, main programmer of Planet Nomads, and youíre about to see three new biomes, animal animations and the second iteration of digging. Please enjoy the show.

    In Other News: Official Planet Nomads Wiki

    We have partnered with Gamepedia and decided it was the right place for Planet Nomads Wiki. It felt natural to join the likes of Minecraft, Ark and DayZ.

    Our community members, Vivian, Wazbat and Daniel G. have already started to make Planet Nomads wiki cosy and fill it with information. Feel free to help them out in their effort to provide info about Planet Nomads to everyone. Planet Nomads Wiki is a click away.

    Closed Alpha around the Corner

    We have to say the experience of having a playable game in our hands is surreal. Itís also amazing to see Planet Nomads grow on each company meeting where team members show what they have created. Itís usually one or two team members surprising all the others, so most of us are in the exact same spot as you, Nomads, when it comes to new footage. The main bonus for us is that we can then share it with you and see what you think. Thatís the best part of development.

    Looking forward to see you play in summer. Rest assured that even though itís called closed-alpha, we are taking the time to have a polished game ready for you.

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    You're hyping us, guys ! but i have some questions and remarks after watching this

    -Will the animales stays like what you made them or you will generate them randomly from patterns, like no man's sky?
    -Digging looks unnatural. But hey, pre-alpha.
    -Will the vehicle hud be animated?


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    Wow, your progress very impressive! Great work!

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