All these links can be found on PN website, but we want to have theme here for those of you who prefer forum and might miss them otherwise.

Planet Nomads on Steam

"The place to send your friends to."

What to say. We all know Steam, the biggest digital store for games and a hub to discussions, community screenshots and mods.

Trello Board

"An overview of the development in a glance."

If you like to see under the hood of game development this is the place for you. We are updating the board regularly with individual features as cards, so you know what's the plan for the current month, what we are working on right now and what was finished in the previous months.

Kickstarter Campaign Page

"The vision and scope of Planet Nomads, archived for future generations."

Although the campaign is over, the KS page offers clear overview of all the things coming to Planet Nomads and what will playing the game feel like. It also features tons of very graphic material.

Official Wiki

"The developers of Planet Nomads bear no responsibility for the information found in here."

We have always wondered how Wikipedia maintains its credibility and information accuracy. Now we can see how it works on our own creation. If you are a keen Wikipedian, feel free to grow this page. If you need clarification or a picture to post, leave Maslostroj a PM.

Blog posts

"Picking the most important news and writing it up every other Thursday."

You will get hints of what is going on from the Trello board and Twitter, but if you like to get things in context and put them in perspective, the Thursday blog posts are your best bet.

/r/PlanetNomads on Reddit

"We don't pretend to understand Reddit, but fortunately have Redditors in our community who do."

With neatly organized and clearly labeled posts you will never miss any important update. Ever.

Official Discord Chat Server

"Hello! Is there anybody in there?"

Hang out with other Nomads and discuss your newest discoveries. Help each other out. Understanding comes from communication, so give peace a chance.