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Thread: Extraterrestrial Data Pads Not Working [HIGH PRIORITY]

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    Extraterrestrial Data Pads Not Working [HIGH PRIORITY]

    Game Version:
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: Extraterrestrial Data Pads not being removed from inventory after using.
    Detailed Description: Once activated, the Data Pad is not removed from inventory. It's monument appears on the world map, but data pad remains in Inventory.
    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce:
    None of these objects seem to work as expected in
    Any additional information: This was first seen in previous release. Once seven pads had been acquired, additional ones no longer cleared inventory.
    Log file: Attached
    DXdiag: Attached
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    This was already reported here

    and commented thus by @ Agamemnon:
    "Here is the link to the general discussion thread"

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    Hi Nomads,

    It looks like very frequented topic, according to number of threads. I'll answer just here.

    Extraterrestial Datapad item was a debug placeholder, which should have never went out. It was linked to deleted debug datapad page, which caused an error on use and that prevented it from disappear from the inventory. Sorry for that.

    Item was removed in current release, and should disappear from your old saves too. Other datapad items should be unaffected. In case of other problems, please let us know.

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