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Thread: [MED PRIORITY] Mac Client stuck the Mac when backgrounded

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    [MED PRIORITY] Mac Client stuck the Mac when backgrounded

    Game Version:
    OS: OSX 10.13.2 High Sierra

    Simple Description: When you halt-tab PN, it keep eating the CPU ressource

    Detailed Description:
    When you halt-tab PN to another application, the game go in "pause state" with a blurred screen.
    The game continue to monopolise the CPU. Others applications are SO SLOW !
    For exemple, it's a PITA to post in this forum, my whole iMac** seem to work at "1 fps".
    No other game I own behave like this ...

    Reproducibility: Every time

    How to Reproduce: Play Full screen ; Halt-Tab to another application.


    **It's the last most powerful iMac from 2017, and I bought it because of your game :-)

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    Hi StarCmd,

    Thank you for pointing this. Please check your settings if you have max framerate limited. If you have unlimited framerate, at least in menu, it can get as high as thousands FPS and that costs lot of cpu/gpu power correctly. But as I recall it correctly, in pause there might be this limit not effective.

    We’ll have a look at it, it should not eat a lot of resources when not active.

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