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Thread: Salvage or reuse lower mark equipment

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    Salvage or reuse lower mark equipment

    It would be nice to have some use for that e.g. mark II multitool instead of throwing it away after you've made a higher level one. Same is true for suits and jetpacks.

    There are some possible approaches for this:
    1) use a lower level suit etc. to get the better one. This way the old one gets used up. We cannot go straight for a mark IV this way, but that's not that much of a disadvantage in my eyes.
    2) salvage some parts from the old equipment which can help to make the better one. This should consider wear, e.g. lesser fabric returned, but you could get some higher value things back. As there would be not much use to get laser II back when what you really need are lasers III, it should return parts or ressources.
    3) use old suits to lure beasts, or jetpacks and multitools set to overcharge as bombs :-)

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    recycling sounds best, i think.

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    Salvage for parts sounds nice.

    I wish we could put them in the starting container for our next planet/game.

    Also, it would be cool if we could drop and/or place them.

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