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    1) Please allow us to construct radar equipment on bases and vehicles. I can understand if the radar will not scan if not tied directly to a surface grid. Even if just for looks / decoration alone would be bad ass.

    *** Well that was quick ****

    2) I receive no resources when deconstructing radar installations from human wreck sights. I should be able to scan with it and deconstruct for resources.

    3) Size scale of human wreck radar seems smaller than my constructed radar. Scale should be the same

    *** 4) Shading areas of biomes with different colors Arctic - White, Forrest - Green, Jungle Dark Green, Desert - yellow, Prairie - Orange, Open Water - Blue, Etc.

    *** 5) Higher degree of topographical mapping of terrain. Perhaps two maps. Biome and Topography

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    I like that wreck items are collectable trophies that look different.
    It is a pain to move them back to you base, but that just increases the value.

    I love the planet map, but currently radar needs work.
    They don’t help you find POIs and the image does not show biome boundaries or types.
    Currently radar gives a 2k image and finds POIs in that 2K, but we can see POIs 2k away without radar. The image size is OK, but it should pick up POIs 3k-4k away.
    I know bigger radar is planned, for large-planets that is really needed.
    and I agree with Agamemnon radars should be attachable.
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