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Thread: Phantom wrecks / visible details view range (esp. trees)

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    Phantom wrecks / visible details view range (esp. trees)

    Patch 8.01

    Phantom wrecks: When playing for a longer time wrecks (human or alien) are shown on the navigation compass which do not appear on the world globe. If you go to the location shown on the compass the beacons would either be invisible in the air or unreachable in the planets core. Problem is corrected by restarting the game - phantom wrecks disappear from compass after reload.

    Visible details view range during flight: When descending with a flying craft over a wooded area at first the trees get visible in medium flight height, when you get closer they again completely disappear and you can see only the ground, then they reappear when you are already between the tree tops. Makes landing difficult if you steer the craft towards a clearing in the woods.
    When flying there are also poorly defined surface landscape areas (small stripes of blue in solid ground, patchy looking areas).
    A problem with vie range building?

    Containers of human wrecks in shore water cannot be opened since "E" gives you only the "collect water" function. Trying to connect them to other containers or tubes does not work either - they will not lock.

    EDIT: Since this posting no more phantom wrecks during many hours of gameplay. Cannot explain why it happened at first - post patching problem?
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