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Thread: manipulating items and objects.

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    manipulating items and objects.

    After a few hours of play. some questions have come up ... and maybe they are good suggestions. Every time I start the game, I change something. Sometimes I draw a sketch drawing of the layout of my facilities. But when I dismantle a uranium generator. I lose the material being processed. And excuse me, I sincerely do not like to lose the resources.
    Hint: just like in the creation, it would not be possible to move an item ready? !!
    Ex: I want to move a large container ...
    I have to make a new one and move the materials one by one. Would not it be easier to move the container?

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    Hello Caivs, it sure would, but technically speaking it's not possible. To be more down-to-earth while it would be possible to create such a system the demands on computer performance would be much higher, so we decided not to implement the building in this way.
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    Also I have noticed that when deconstructing an item such as the uranium generator or miner that as soon as it is gone if you wait a few seconds the final parts will appear in the top right corner but if you leave too quickly you won't get them, not sure if that was intentional or not, but thought i'd mention it.

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