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Thread: "sliding" movement on any large created block structure

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    "sliding" movement on any large created block structure

    Ok, so I have tested this quite a bit today and will say it is 100% repeatable all the time. Release 0.8.0
    Anywhere on land I don't move, on structures, nearer the edges you slide.

    Make a base 7 x 7 floor tiles, now, off one side, in the middle, place 7 ramps going up (down works too). You will find you cannot stand still near the end, you will slide about 2m/s
    [One time I didn't slide right after loading a save, but when I got my gun out to shoot something, no key movement at all, instant slide movement started. So then I tested loading saves, and any movement, jetpacking, almost any charter interaction causes it to start.]

    If you place the same ramp up near a corner you will see you slide diagonally. This showed me that the movement it based on the "center mass" somehow...
    If you make a larger block set(14 x 14) it is MUCH more pronounced, and if you use more ramps going up(14) OR down, it is more pronounced as well.
    One a larger 14 x 14 you don't even need the ramp to see it, it is just more pronounced the further from center you are.

    This seems like some sort of "gravity" calculation gone wrong...
    (possibly the root of "wheel slip"? as they are usually farthest away from center of gravity and all would slip in different directions?)
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    We've had this for a while and waiting for Unity to fix it. The problem is with dynamic objects and gravity/physics calculations as you mention.
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