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Thread: Add Switchboard to power doesnt work

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    Talking Add Switchboard to power doesnt work

    Noted that working with trying to power additional building blocks using the switch board, although they connect the device doesnt power up. So far I have had to create a bio power station for each building block, unless im a total dork, i.e; if i wanted to power a printer and something else would not power up.

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    Connect each generator to a switchboard network. Connect all the machines to the switchboard network.

    You can connect several generators to one switchboard. You can also connect several switchboards together to make a power network.

    The only limit is that you can connect each generator to only one block, which should be the switchboard in most cases.

    If the total power drain of the machines connected to the power network is more than the connected generators provide the whole network will go down until you add more generators.
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