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Thread: [LOW PRIORITY] difficulty preset changes planet settings

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    [LOW PRIORITY] difficulty preset changes planet settings

    Game Version: 0.7.10
    Detailed Description:
    When creating a custom game, the difficulty preset dropdown resets the planet radius, altitude and water settings.
    The difficulty setting should not change planet size etc for 2 reasons:
    - It is below these settings. People usually work from top to bottom, so they will already have changed size etc before they select the difficulty preset, which then resets their changes.
    - Planet radius, altitude and water level don't really have a high impact on difficulty. Of course it is a bit harder if you are on a small island far from other islands but the hard preset doesn't change water to a higher level too so it's not expected to have an impact.

    Please unlock these 3 values from the difficulty dropdown.
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    They do have an impact on the difficulty actually, but taken for consideration. Cheers
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