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Thread: Caution are low on oxygen

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    Caution are low on oxygen

    Well...I have been under water for 30 seconds. I have an environment suit. I can hold my breath for longer than this!

    Not to worry...I have 6 oxygen cylinders.

    Click on one. 30 seconds....

    Caution you are low on oxygen.


    Seems using a full oxygen tank just tops up the players 'air' meter ( which isn't visible ) and the amount of oxygen in the air meter is barely one lungful for a fit person. The effect of a full tank of air should last for minutes....not seconds. Especially when not at any great depth.

    This may be intentional, but if it just feels REALLY wrong. Makes any kind of underwater activity a real chore.

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    I noticed this the other day when I was trying to recover my flipped hovercraft in the ocean.

    The first time you dive underwater you have a reasonable amount of time before the low oxygen warning. After that it's almost instant low oxygen warning. I even slept in a stasis chamber and went back to recovery work but with the same instant low oxygen warning and 02 tanks were useless.

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